Pig in the Middle

Remember the game ? The “pig” stands between two people who throw a ball to each other and (if you’re the pig) you hope to intercept it so that the person who threw it becomes pig.
Simple and fun except when it comes to organisations throwing the ball and you are trying to communicate with them! Often communications don’t work that well, pigs squeal about it, so organisations have come up with a new ploy. They appoint another organisation to throw the ball, usually a new voluntary organisation with a developmental and monitoring role with a remit to both improve communication and build things like resilience, community and coherence (in the pig), That sort of thing.
Well, I can see the point, giving a new organisation the job of doing something you don’t do as well as you’d like to because resources are tight and communications and development are lower down the priority list. but does it work?
Well I now experience this in each of the volorgs I work with and so far it doesn’t feel any better ( although in one case the new volorg has not really stated yet). One of the problems is that the new pig has to have a role of their own which creates another link in a chain which is already to long and having created the link, that issue becomes the focus ( how do you like my driving/check-out/response times?) When what you want is an answer! This makes things more elusive and part of the gathering organisational miasma. But I’m hoping the clouds will part and soon everything will be come clear……..now, where did I put that ball?

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