Sports Direct and the NHS: suitable cases for treatment?

Sports Direct has been under the cosh recently for paying less than the minimum wage. That’s bad but it’s not just them, it’s the NHS as well. And this is preventing refugees taking vital places on apprenticeship schemes to become Clinical Support Workers.
To date more than 30 refugees at Leeds University Hospital have completed our Hidden Talents programme (where the minimum wage IS paid) and for the first time they now are off benefits and in jobs vital to the NHS. A great result!
But we have tried to repeat the project in Hull, Sheffield and Leicester without success, because on the same apprentice scheme these hospitals pay £3.50 per hour.
None of our customers can afford this, and we wouldn’t ask them to. We have been directed to benefit offices to top up these miserable wages but this represents yet another hurdle for people who are desperate to do a great job for the NHS and be paid a living wage to train, a win-win if there ever was one!

We know the NHS is strapped for cash but it’s paying silly money to private recruitment agencies for nurses, wasting money that could be used to pay proper wages and allow us to provide more nurses to the NHS through Hidden Talents! Our plan is to recruit 400 over the next 3 years!

We want Health Education England to direct Trusts to pay at least the minimum wage, and if they won’t, the Government should intervene to close this loophole that too many Trusts in the NHS are happy to squeeze through.

Please use any or all of this to write to print/broadcast or social media,or MPs

Raise a storm, Alabama style!

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