And in the end…..🎶👣🎶👣

Well it’s over! At 11.45 on Thursday 28th September at Pierhead in Liverpool,to be exact.
More than 200 miles, nearly 1/2million footsteps, 4 events, 15 overnight stays, from Hull to Liverpool preceded by 6 months of planning, logistics and imagining how it might all be; the potential disasters and the things that go bump at 4am, and then JDI time on my 70th Birthday, put up or shut up!
How is it done? A day at a time and after 2weeks you’ve done it! Keeping your eye on the map, having sufficient underpants, places to sleep, good routes to take,stuff to eat, baths to relax in, clean 1000 mile sox to wear, meeting walking companions, setting up events, measuring strides, handing- out cards, writing blogs, tweeting, facebooking, crowdfunding, and the kindness of strangers.
My proudest moment? Standing next to Ddiako at the Leeds event while she spoke with such confidence about what a difference Hidden Talents had made to her life.
I feel I have been very lucky too. The weather had been exceptionally kind bearing in mind how bad it has been around the world, my feet and body have held-up remarkably and my plan to walk 4 hours from an early start meant that by noon I usually did have 12 miles clocked- up and the rest of the day was downhill! My luck was in too with all the support I got, most days I walked alone but I didn’t feel on my own, there was a tiny organisation acting like a big one; updating Websites, tweeting , facebooking and crowdfunding all a vital part of the walk.
So my thanks to everyone who walked, held whip-rounds,baked-off, printed T-shirts, arranged suppers,shaved heads,put me up,donated money, updated web-sites, did laundry, fed me, cheered me on, redirected me, watched Strictly with me, gave me lifts, met in pubs, bought drinks laid out events and talked well of Growing Points, and helped it all happen. It was a great experience and one I treasure and one from which, when the final tally is done Growing Points will have benefited financially.
I now have to get out of a 6 months mind-set of making it happen and burst the walking-bubble that I’ve lived in for the past 2 weeks and get back to the day job!
Thank you all!
( ….and whilst I was away Worcestershire have been promoted! Well done you )

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