Seek and you shall find (litter)

Manchester to Lymm (18m)
Amazingly when you look , you find things! And this is hardly believable; just 100 yards, no more, from the end of the canal that Paul, Gerard and I ended our walk two Sundays ago, is another canal. This is the Bridgewater which rises at Piccadilly under the Malmaison Hotel and travels to……Lymm! So for the whole journey minus about 3m at the end it was a constant companion.
Jane R joined me and walked with me through deep and dirty Manchester, to clean and hip Media City, past you know where (MUFC), and into the Cheshire countryside. Perfect you might think, but of course, dear reader there were problems and you know perhaps of them already! Hyperventilating cyclists wanting to get where they need to get to….and I’m in the way. Surely they should give way to me?😕 Steam and Sail and all that; some ( a few) are effortlessly polite and pedestrian-regarding but the majority are brutish oafs who I hope will come a cropper-in-the-cut on the trail of tin-tacks I laid ( not really). 😡
And the other, yes, dear reader, litter. No improvement here east to west. A barge was working in Manchester to scoop out as much as possible but fighting a loosing battle, I’m afraid.
So here’s my plan Jeremy Corbyn; all these people who sell take-out food and anything in plastic bottles have a 100% duty applied to cover the cost of clean-up. And guess who is doing the clean-up? Those brutish-oafs now barred from cycling who have to drag a bin-bag of litter to their work and without it they have their bike impounded for……….l could go on!
Plus think how healthy we will be without all that junk stuff in bottles and the environment will bless you Dickie.
A lovely young woman expresses amazement at our journey from Manchester ” That’s so cool”,it seems hardly polite to explain all this stated in Hull and a twinkly old man leaning on his bike as he walks, explains that this is the way to stay healthy…..too right!
The Lavender Barn in Dunham Massey is where the red pepper soup is to be found and all the same village that the estimable Thomas Worth established his dame school in 1759 . Well done and no litter or cyclists….beam me up! I’m in the wrong century obviously. 🙄
Horrific walk to overnight stay from Lymm with no footpaths. Too many Porches not enough Paths is our mantra.

Medical Report: nil other than slightly elevated paranoia, see above.

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