A Day of Two Halves!

From Sheffield to Manchester ( by Train 5m)
Two entirety different events today.
We had invited organisations and individuals in Sheffield interested in our services to the new City of Sanctuary walk in centre for a Breakfast Briefing ( the time not the breakfast!)
We had a good turnout of organisations, Guardians, potential Guardians and a couple of Customers. We were delighted to welcome one of our Patrons, Marina Lewycka who stayed for the whole session and heard a lot of good ( and the problems) of our services and our plans for the future. We concluded with a determination to move forward and to maintain recruitment of both the Customers and Guardians. A short informal Q&A session followed with Geraldine and Dick left for Manchester for the next session. We thanked Sarah for the hospitality and made a small collection to cover costs.
Manchester was a different country, we only had one attendee. We did however have a useful discussion about the viability of going forward with so little commitment and have decided to put Manchester on the slow boiler for the time being.
Our next set-up will therefore be Leicester where we have strong local support and already have had positive discussions with local organisations including the local NHS trust.
Tomorrow just under 50 miles will take us to Liverpool Pier-head by Thursday lunchtime.

Our donations trail well behind our efforts on the footpaths and we ask all our readers to support our cause.

Thank you.

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