Jackey Hill and Hagg Hill: My Nemesis!

Langsett to Sheffield (16m)
When they write the story of my walk and ask me “What bit was the worst?” I will reply, “Jackey Hill.” But that comes later.
We started the day with a roaring Yorkshire breakfast with Bob and Ruth discussing the subjet de jour; What happens to hens that stop laying? The answer appears to be ; Act as if nothing has happened and hope eggs begin to reappear at some stage. If that doesn’t work, have an encouraging word with them……
We left for Wooldale buoyed up with entirely false optimism about our underperforming hens and a determination to try harder, in some way.
At Langsett we parted and I was on the road, the peace of the moors shattered by a local tribute to the Isle of Man TT races by some extremely large motorcyclists on very noisy bikes. They were followed by equally large and red faced Lycra bound cyclists struggling up very steep hills on the Stines road. I tried to recall my cardio-resuscitation drill which seemed in imminent need and wondered if my nail scissors would have an impact on the heavy duty Lycra on display. I avoided eye contact and certainly silenced my usual cheery ” How Do?” In case this might precipitate a CVA simply by answering….. No one died.
The High Bradfield brewery ( home of the excellent Farmer’s Blond) seemed a good place for lunch and my journey continued into Sheffield driven by Map.Me and the glum faces of returning Wednesday supporters who had been beaten at home by the newly promoted Blades.
So those Hills ( two of the 7 hills upon which the City of Sheffield , like Rome, was founded). They are both steep, very steep and made me think seriously about my “crow-flies” to route planning! Unusually the tracks went straight up:no concessions. I remember Hagg Hill from when I used to work in Sheffield and always thought it too steep even for cars. Now I know I was right. Jackey Hill was even more vertical. Pleased to pass them by in future.
On arrival at Karen’s had complete wash and dry of my sweaty garments. All ready for the west now, a after a great evening of amongst others putting the NHS to rights ( again!)
Medical Report: No blisters!

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