Dewsbury Dawn to Holmfirth Hoe-down!

Dewsbury to Upperthong (17m)
What a beginning and ending!
Diana and I began our day leaving Freya and Jamie’s house which had been my base-camp since arriving at Castleford. It was amazingly convenient and veryhomely and made a big difference. Now I’m back on the road again with a different bed each night and decision to make about what to carry and logistics of event back-up.
We drove to our start-point at Dewsbury station to be greeted by a steely blue sky and a brilliant golden dawn over so much municipal-grand architecture that you felt there was no space for another building shouting “look at me, I’m important, lm loaded and I’m here forever.” Dewsbury does pomp and circumstance exactly as Elgar would have understood it.
It was cold and sharp as we made our way alongside the pounding traffic into the calm of Mirfield and over the top through Kirkheaton and down a long mill workers slab-laid path into Huddersfield to meet my old friend Harold Wilson who has a marvellous statute outside the station.
Here I was met by Paul M and Ann B who were to accompany me over the next stage. We were joined by Ann’s partner Robin at Armitage Bridge and eventually about a dozen dogs! The day had turned ( as it does in these parts) to somber and rain was in the air. When we reached Upperthong ( where we first lived in Yorkshire) we called it a day. With Ann tweeting and me prepping for the evening Bash.
Holmfirth had laid on a great event to raise funds for the walk. About 50 people crowded in Choplards mission and we ate curry and sang sea shanties ( perhaps the furthest point from the sea!) and listened to me rousing the virtues of Growing Points, though all were very interested in the walk and how it was going. Thanks to my good friends who worked so hard to make this an evening to remember, Paul, Gerard, Steven and Mr Logistics, John!
And so to bed!

Ann B pointed out that there was something wrong with the Chuffed address, and so it was I had forgotten the “org”. The correct address follows.
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