Rest Day Tonic: From-the-margins-to-the-mainstream

Joining-up walk (9.5m)
Making links between Leeds and the south, using Leeds and Liverpool Canal, the Aire and the Calder, before moving my base to Holmfirth.
This has been a couple of rest days I put into the programme before the assault on the western front. Unlike Bonaparte ( and his ilk) I decided not to do both at the same time although my walk at this stage (with (Dewsbury to Holmfirth on Friday when I’ve already done Holmfirth to Manchester) is getting hard to follow!
As John Q has remarked “Dick’s chosen coast to coast route reminds me of what Eric Morecambe famously said to Andre Previn “ I’m playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order”

We have had some kind feedback from Diane H who sponsored our Partnership Event on Wednesday :
“It was lovely to have you all and I am just sorry that the bomb scare may have delayed people/put them off. I very much enjoyed hearing the moving story from Diako and about the good work being done by Gill Chapman at Leeds Teaching Hospital
The blog looks wonderful. I do hope and pray that the rest of your journey is safe, pain free and rewarding.
If there is anything more I can do to help, let me know.”

The “Medical notes” have,I know, attracted a small troll-base, perhaps anticipating some grisly accident (!) so here goes:
Medical Report: Bowels have returned to normal; sleeping as chaotic as ever, right thigh rather stiff and in need of a gentle massage (I think), new(old) boots worn today for an 9.5 mile loosener and found to be up to expectations, Brew Dog doing its job and best tonic? Yorkshire under the cosh at Headingly, a lot of grumbling ( but not from me!)

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