Eventing in Leeds: from-the-margins-to-the-mainstream-

Event and return (6m)
Our Partnership Event attracted a dozen interested and informed attenders, keen to find out more about our three programmes. An earlier bomb-scare and subsequent traffic chaos was thought likely to have prevented more from attending.
Both Diako and Gill gave very informative and emotional presentations to a group eager to learn. The issue of the wider apprentice programmes on offer ( for other trades and professions) was given a good airing, the qualities looked for in Guardians, our stickability, how Flouishing Families was funded and our financial needs  for the future were raised.
We were very grateful to the generous support of Diane Hallet ( Beachcrofts) for the room and refreshments, in one of Leeds’ most elegant buildings.
At the end we all gave ourselves a round of applause!

Medical Report ( focussing on my “great grimy  feet,” as my Cousin once named them): nothing alarming but some red rubs look dangerous, My new ( old) boots have arrived so this gives a fresh opportunity for rubs to occur elsewhere. The radox bath is very sybaritic and does a good soak of the smalls after.
Take an aspirin and keep under review.

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