The rubicon and hurries: from-the-margins-to-the-mainstream

Castleford to Dewsbury (18m)
After a few false starts I found my way out of Castleford and by going the wrong way, encountered the Burberry factory, oddly located by the railway underpass and assorted litter and rubbish.
Over the River Calder , my 4th river and very much part of West Yorkshire, as the dawn broke.
The TPT is very odd signage-wise and when I got to one just outside Wakefield pointing to Stanley South and in the opp. direction, yes, Stanley South; I thought we’d reached a nadir. (No one died).
Shortly after, I switched my affections to ‘Leeds Country Path’ and things picked up for a while until I realised the map I’d borrowed from my daughter ( a veteran-the map-of a long ago DoE expedition ) was rather out of date and the march of housing had obliterated most of Northern Wakefield in the intervening years.
But the rubicon has been crossed! The M1 is on the east of the country but somehow crossing it today seemed like getting over the equator. And into dog walking land!. EVERYONE I met in West Yorkshire was out walkin’ the dog! In fact one man stopped me and asked me where my dog was, ¬†because his dog had got excited seeing me in the distance, assuming that I would bring fido a new friend!
But the litter is just as bad, in fact it’s really awful. Sad to say, no area gets even a “trying but still hopeless” Report, isn’t that sad ? With the number of prisons I’ve passed surely a few payback schemes could be organised by all that tattooed talent behind bars.
Now, regular readers will remember the problems we had yesterday with calculating mileage. I hadn’t realised that I was traveling with my own Tim Hartford, who has got down and dirty with the facts and produced a brilliant explanation ( At this point I should advise that this information should only be read before bed-time when somnolence is anticipated and under no circumstances when operating heavy machinery or driving) Here’s the gist of it ( it maybe helpful if you think iPhones and pedometers……)

Dick had done 35,276 steps (including his walking in Leeds) which was recorded as 12.4 miles.

12.4 miles is 785, 664 inches (63,360 inches in a mile). Dividing the total number of inches by the number of steps would indicate that Dick’s stride is 22 inches.

My phone recorded that I had done 14.9 miles in 30,392 steps. Dividing the total number of inches (944,064) by my recorded number of steps (30,392 – I didn’t do any walking in Leeds) gives my length of stride as 31 inches.

( Please try to stay awake at the back of the class! To continue…..)

If Dick’s number of steps (35,296) was multiplied by my stride length (31 inches) the total number of inches he walked today was 1,093,556. Divide this by the number of inches in a mile gives 17.25 miles.

As our phones are currently set up, Dick’s phone records the distance walked as only about 2/3 of the distance that my phone recorded.

I suspect that 31 inches is not too far away from my stride length. I suggest that for a man of Dick’s height, 22 inches is probably underreporting his stride length.

A quick consultation on Wikipedia shows the University of Arizona stating that average stride length for a man is 30 inches. As I am 6ft 2in and above average height, 31 inches sounds right for me. Dick’s stride must be more like 30 inches than 22.

As Dick’s phone is currently set up, he will have done 200 miles when his phone says he has done 133! ( Well before he gets to Liverpool! Ed.)

Friends, I have to tell you that there has been a rejoinder to this, from my other travelling companion ( concerned about the impact of curvature of the earth and the depth of the lake that covered Glossop in prehistoric times, on the calculations ) but assuming most of you are nodding already, I think it will keep …and the Medical Report is up next, with important developments to record:

Medical Report: it was all going so well but the squits kicked-in today. Two stops under hedges made necessary by the intestinal hurries. I’m pleased to say a couple of Imodium have sorted that. (And yes, I do carry loo paper)
Tomorrow I rejoin my companions to cross a further rubicon, the Pennine hills from Holmfirth to Glossop.

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