By Canal to Manchester (uphill).

Glossop to Manchester (14m)
I did this section with Paul and Gerard. Paul had re-routed it (making it longer but more scenic) and Gerard measured it with an optimistic pedometer (making it even longer and more macho).
The route was basically downhill from Padfield to the Ashton canal and downhill again following the canal to Manchester; as a result (?) we spent the first half-hour climbing hard through Sir Edward Schaar’s cutting ( he had returned from the Crusades that way) and after more climbing, reached the downhill bit.

Then we passed through areas with proper names like Mottram and Audenshaw and stopped for lunch at the Moravian Church and Community in Fairfield. I was attracted to this detour by the refugee link, my practical companions thought there might be a bench to eat lunch on. As it was, we saw a beautifully preserved set of houses set either side of generously wide streets where parking was not a problem. We ate some delicious Marsden pork pies that Paul had brought and wondered why housing communities couldn’t be built like this today.
The canal guided us through suburbia to industrial waste and eventually to the heart of Manchester. As it progressed it steadily became choked by the mess people make when they fail to take their litter home. A pity since the built environment was much improved /loved.
Eventually we emerged, arguing about the length of the walk and the best place for a beer, into the upper world of Piccadilly .
We alighted on the Piccadilly Tap and, beers in hand, toasted the walk which was 13 miles in my judgement but longer (15 miles) in my companions’. The warm sun and the beer made settling for their more liberal interpretation of the map desirable. And so the difference was split 50/50.

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