Kindness of strangers: margins-to-manstream

Hessle to Goole (19m)
Walking does generate its own sense of well- being, I think they are called endorphins. (please excuse me if they are something else used in the dying trade or to enhance the taste of food).
I notice this after about an hour. It doesn’t matter what the conditions are like or whether you’ve lost the plot on the map, you just feel good. Then you also get the serendipity things like Eileen who today was the nearest thing to sanity when I’d got lost about 5 mins after being dropped off. She was cooking bacon in one of those roadside snackeries near Hessle and put me on the right track and then asked the fateful question “Where are you off to?” “Oh Liverpool”, I say airily and then my little card comes out with all the facts and figures and so she says, and by this time it’s raining hard and I’m soaked, “you shall have a cuppa on the house!” How kind.
Later, Bryn is rushing around like an idiot ( he’s a collie) as I talk to his owner, “where you off to” he says……you know the rest. “Hey! I’ve not got much change have this” and he holds out a £1 coin which Bryn jumps at like a biting mackerel. I only need another 18,000 like him and the job is done.
To cross the Ouse from the east I get a lift from the train. I’m perished. ” Sit in the front coach mate it’s much warmer” says the driver. It is!
In the pub at night the music and mayhem is profound but chap next door mouths “Where you going to?” I say, well you know I say, Liverpool , “They was shit against Sevilla!” He says, I nod.
Walk :Huge East Anglian skies today and a cold north wind, watching the Humber become the Ouse amongst endless marshes and mallard. Walking the dykes is uplifting because they afford the only view there is in this flat land. Industrial farming here, furrows clear and straight to the horizon.
Goole at last, so much trade is closing or closed here, only Christmas is worth hanging on for BUT big Sky sports screen in the bar and fish and chips. What’s not to like!
Medical Report:Body doing well, usual twinges in small of back and right thigh. No blisters, the 1000 mile sox doing their bit; never walk without them!

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