A pair of bras….Margin to mainstream


Walk Hessle to Hull (8m)and Evening Event:
Walk from Humber Bridge ( now officially a national icon) was disappointing; trail overgrown and deep in litter, badly marked and to close to roads, massive shopping centres and constrained in fenced paths through industrial estates. More clockwork orange than city of culture!
Some rain and more promised but otherwise huge Constable skies and a brisk wind  (from the North). Everyone helpful and interested as ever.
Event: Turnout was small but discussions very lively and doubled our number of Guardians in Hull. A result!
We talked about the need to get a local presence in Hull and its distinctive personality ( hence this blog’s title -you work it out!*) and we had some glowing feedback from two of our customers who came. We announced the outcome of our Board decision not to accept sub-min-wage for our people on NHS Nurse Apprentice programme and some feeling that we should push Hull CCG to top this up as a special case. Good plan. Our customers cannot afford to subsidise the NHS.
One of our Guardians, Simon, spoke well of our professional approach and of the Guardian  Angel support. We linked this to our Development day discussion about improving all this which will be a real hit.
A lot of affirmative feedback that we were definitely on the right track and why weren’t more organisations doing what we do?

(*You can’t? Well if it’s a pair of trousers, why not a pair of bras? And that’s what they say in Hull!)

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