This is the card I will hand out while I’m on my walk……

 Walk from Hull to Liverpool  September 2017

I’m walking from Hull to Liverpool (200miles) to raise £20,000 for Growing Points. That’s £100 per mile!

We support people from excluded communities to achieve their ambitions and increase social mobility by sharing our professional networks and know-how. In out Hidden Talents programme we work with NHS Trusts to offer apprenticeships to refugees who want to become nurses. Our ambition is reach 2000 refugees over the next 3 years and train over 400 nurses.

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You can help us in many ways…

All our volunteer Guardians are unpaid. The money you donate goes directly into helping our customers, so please help us to help more people by donating to our crowdfunding page at:  Open from 10th September

Don’t forget to Gift Aid! Our charity number is 1148487

If you want to support us you can become a volunteer Guardian; we need them all over the country especially in Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Leicester. Contact

If you want to find out more and track my progress/feet/stress levels/crowdfunding total, go to our Facebook page

Thanks you for reading this and cheering me on!

Dick Stockford


Growing Points

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