Month: September 2017

And in the end…..🎶👣🎶👣

Well it’s over! At 11.45 on Thursday 28th September at Pierhead in Liverpool,to be exact. More than 200 miles, nearly 1/2million footsteps, 4 events, 15 overnight stays, from Hull to Liverpool preceded by 6 months of planning, logistics… Read More

Not up here you’re not!

Lymm to Widnes (19m) Early start with the motorway truckers as soon as dawn broke and up the A50 to Warrington. But wait a minute, what’s this Traffic Officer saying? “And where do you think you are off… Read More

Seek and you shall find (litter)

Manchester to Lymm (18m) Amazingly when you look , you find things! And this is hardly believable; just 100 yards, no more, from the end of the canal that Paul, Gerard and I ended our walk two Sundays… Read More

A Day of Two Halves!

From Sheffield to Manchester ( by Train 5m) Two entirety different events today. We had invited organisations and individuals in Sheffield interested in our services to the new City of Sanctuary walk in centre for a Breakfast Briefing… Read More

Jackey Hill and Hagg Hill: My Nemesis!

Langsett to Sheffield (16m) When they write the story of my walk and ask me “What bit was the worst?” I will reply, “Jackey Hill.” But that comes later. We started the day with a roaring Yorkshire breakfast… Read More

Dewsbury Dawn to Holmfirth Hoe-down!

Dewsbury to Upperthong (17m) What a beginning and ending! Diana and I began our day leaving Freya and Jamie’s house which had been my base-camp since arriving at Castleford. It was amazingly convenient and veryhomely and made a… Read More

Rest Day Tonic: From-the-margins-to-the-mainstream

Joining-up walk (9.5m) Making links between Leeds and the south, using Leeds and Liverpool Canal, the Aire and the Calder, before moving my base to Holmfirth. This has been a couple of rest days I put into the… Read More

Eventing in Leeds: from-the-margins-to-the-mainstream-

Event and return (6m) Our Partnership Event attracted a dozen interested and informed attenders, keen to find out more about our three programmes. An earlier bomb-scare and subsequent traffic chaos was thought likely to have prevented more from… Read More

Over the top: from-the-margins-to-the-mainstream

Holmfirth to Glossop (14.5m) A beautiful day and a great walk. Over the Pennines at their most scenic and varied following the Pennine way, once we’d crested Black Hill from Intake Lane and Holme village. The skies were… Read More

The rubicon and hurries: from-the-margins-to-the-mainstream

Castleford to Dewsbury (18m) After a few false starts I found my way out of Castleford and by going the wrong way, encountered the Burberry factory, oddly located by the railway underpass and assorted litter and rubbish. Over… Read More