One more push should do it….!

Growing Points feels to be at a make-or-break point. As chair I’m now spending my full-time role between organising my walk from Hull to Liverpool (a much more complicated process than I could ever imagine) and supporting the development of our National Offer (to reach 2000 refugees in 3 year’s time). In between this, I’m a Guardian responding to the customers I have taken on; and gladly.
Over the past year we have realised that we desperately need funding for infrastructure support if we are going to make our National Ambition a reality but our appeals for money and our bids for funds (some of which have involved a great deal of time by our part time director) have resulted in a grand total of £200. True we have learnt some things but for an organisation run by just 3 of us on a purely voluntary basis this feels like a massive load and one that can’t go on for ever.
So we are crowdfunding the Walk for Social mobility as our last hurrah aiming to raise £20,000 for our first 5 communities (Leeds and Hull first…). None of the costs of the walk ( and I mean financial not physical) will come from this crowdfunding and all will go into setting up communities that can deliver our 3 programmes to help people from excluded communities achieve their leadership ambitions.
We came into this to help, and if we fail to raise enough money we will go out of it doing just that. Our 60 Guardians are focused on this and we are made aware of the need every day. This is a cause about making our society a better place for us all to live not just refugees.
Please support our crowdfunding and encourage your friends as well, there are lots of ways to gets involved, by referring ambitious people to us, by becoming a Guardian or by donating to our crowd-fund. None of us want to give up and I believe one last effort can get us over the line and get the recognition and funding we need to make a real difference to social mobility.

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