Memories of Monica (not her real name)

After 5 weeks of a 2 week stay (!) Monica is leaving for her new home. She came to us as a destitute asylum-seeker having failed in her application to the Home Office and had to reapply for accommodation and support (which she now has…somewhere). If all that sounds odd, try reading Section 44 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, it does explain it but not in a way I could explain it to you or Monica, it’s a real muddle and in the middle of the muddle is Monica.
This process of destitution happens regularly and that’s why Malvern Open Homes has recruited hosts to make their home available (free of charge) for a short period while things get resolved.
Monica is pleased to have this sorted but is sad to go. She says people in Malvern have been so kind to her and have shown her such love and care. She is very grateful and weepy about it all and it can’t feel good that she will be picked-up and taken to a new town and new home somewhere she may or may not know anyone.
We are glad she stayed with us and know she was in a desperate state 5 weeks ago, she has been a perfect guest, helping where she can and accepting all the kind invitations to meals and sightseeing. In 14 years living in UK she never experienced the countryside and likes it a lot.
Monica has a quiet fortitude (supported by a lot of praying) that gets her through from one day to the next. But beyond that nothing is clear nor settled and as an older person, this must be very hard.
We hope she will get some security but doubt if it will be soon.

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