Monica, the Curate’s Egg and the Battle of the AltControllers

Last Friday we met Monica, a Ugandan asylum seeker and welcomed her into our home. We were introduced by Refugees at Home ( as she had become homeless following a Home Office decision to refuse her right to remain, she is now appealing that decision. To us it felt like a wonderful antidote to the crazed events in Westminster earlier in the week.
Later we listened to reports of a major demonstration in London timed to link to the decision of the Government to trigger Article 50 and so exit us from the EU ( as the referendum last year demanded). The demonstration was well attended but surely doomed, but I really hope that the battle that comes now will engage thoughtful Remainers and Brexiteers in common cause…….the Battle of the Great Repeal Act!
The battle will be between those who believe that the EU and its laws were wholly bad and should be abolished at a stroke and those who may well agree that Europe was no longer sustainable (economically or democratically) but like the curate’s egg was “good in parts”.
And the good parts are to be found in the laws on employment, environment and inclusion. All this law is on our statute book and will remain there unless the Great Repeal Act deletes it.  And as the Government’s finger hovers over the delete button, there will be plenty of organisations representing business and freedom who want to junk the laws that we now have which ensure that workers are on Boards, that people with disabilities have an equal chance in the workplace, that proper environmental evaluations are undertaken before major planning decisions are taken and which (should) control noxious emissions from cars. This in the belief that we will be a better and more productive society without the laws that keep us clean and responsible to our fellow citizens. To the AltControllers (deleters) they are simply the red-tape that binds their feet to the ground and prevents them from making an honest profit.
In fact, they are what bid us together and represent the values that for example, the Welfare State and the Convention on Climate Change are based on and they are what we elect governments for, in order to ensure our society is safe, engaged and sustainable.
So this is something to demonstrate about! But you don’t need to have a day out in London, this is about organising around the areas you feel concerned about, writing to your MP, writing to No 10 organising petitions and writing to the papers about how much these laws mean to you and the society you want outside the EU.
Monica, if she gets the chance to stay, will thank you !

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