How to create your own refugee crisis for Christmas!

Now that the Yule-tide collection boxes are out for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen ( please give generously @YCAppeal) we need to remember that we caused this.
Most of the civilian deaths (4000) and casualties, conservatively estimated at 10000, are as a result of Saudi munitions ( including internationally outlawed cluster-bombs) being dropped by Saudi jets supplied,advised and trained and licensed by the British government. Last year we sold £3.3bn arms and instruments of torture to Saudi Arabia, one of our “best” customers in the wretched £13.5bn sales U.K. delivers worldwide.
This year we are likely to top that.
The best way to stop the humanitarian and refugee crisis and the killing, is to stop licensing these Arms Sales.
As a result of  this crisis, the flow of refugees from Yemen will be making their way to safety in Europe and who can blame them? France and Germany sell even more Arms than we do so perhaps they will provide sanctuary for the Asylum seekers. We should too, but I doubt we will, so why do we go on selling Arms to those reckless states……. or anywhere?
It’s not solving anything is it?
Please consider an equal donation to Campaign Against the Arms Trade @CAATuk. They are fighting the war against our government to end this madness.
As we all should…..especially in this season of goodwill.

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