A leader for our time?

To Liverpool for the Labour Party Conference.
Rather like Liverpool itself, behind the kicking and shouting lies much of real value and inspiration. Liverpool has proudly rediscovered its marine heritage whilst rebuilding itself around the new world of shopping and visitor attractions. Labour shows signs of doing the same and making itself into an electable Party for real social good, based on some traditional values and principals.
The conference oozes with social justice railing against an unfair and unjust world whether it’s Stella Creasy at an Amnesty fringe exposing Mrs May’s failure to act over the 278 documented children in Calais or Paul Mason (Economist and Corbynista) giving both barrels to the Bank of England for applying Quantitative Easing so lazily, that the bottom 5% have gained nothing whereas the top 5% ( who are already rich as Croesus) have all had an asset revaluation of £185,000 on average. Every single one!
The question for everyone is of course about JC as a leader and his ability to bring Labour back to power; can he do it?
Yes he can!
And he can do it not just because he leads the biggest leftist party in the west ( well almost – Austria has a larger one apparently), not just because he is a socialist who has clear and unwavering views and not just because Labour are developing an economic policy that will knock the socks off anything that the Tories will put up but because in a political environment swilling with insincere apostates he shines out as a leader of integrity.
True he is no Blair-of -the-Soundbite, No Ed of the Headstone nor for that matter, no Cameron-the-quitter or May the silent Brexiteer. But he is Jeremy, and you’d have to have been hiding under a stone for a very long time not to know what he stands for. Obviously he doesn’t like the EU and said so, he’s against Trident and he is firmly against injustice and inequality. He’s pro public sector and against austerity and believes the NHS and Education need all the help they can get. He votes against war and regressive taxes. He stands alongside people who are underdogs dispossessed and struggling to make their case in our greedy world.
He is a good man and they are in short supply right now and when push comes to shove in an election, that might well make all the difference.

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