Hidden Talents

In my first Blog I mentioned Hidden Talents: this is what we are doing!
Britain has a shortage of Doctors and Nurses. Hospitals spend a fortune (do we know how much?) scouring other countries to recruit more. In addition the Agencies who supply nurses and doctors to the NHS at a premium are making money out of these shortages and the highest bidder wins. It’s a crazy costly inefficient system that denudes developing counties of medical staffing that they need to staff their own health care systems. Every year successive Ministers claim to have created more training places and put systems in place to link supply to needs and ensure the NHS gets off this unhappy merry-go-round. It just seems to go faster and cost more!
So why is it that Growing Points finding Doctors and Nurses arriving in the UK from outside the EU who are unable to get jobs, can’t use their qualifications and in many cases are unable to transfer their skills to support the NHS?
Growing Points are trying to do something about this.
Our Hidden Talents project is getting off the ground in 2016 and we hope it will provide routes into training and employment in UK. At the moment many of these erstwhile Nurses and in the care system on short-term contracts on the minimum (or less) wages. We are working with Leeds Hospital Trust to asses the best the way forward. Growing Points will appoint Guardians to support them, Health Education England will fund their training and Leeds Hospital will fund their employment. We hope this first tranche a half a dozen people can be repeated elsewhere and we have already had offers of help. If you are interested please let me know.
Our the next 3 years we can make a big difference to customers lives, the NHS and  social mobility by using the skills and talents of people who are living here already!

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  1. Very well done to hidden talents for addressing this matter because I am so sure that whether your an asylum seeker or not some people have so much to offer within the community or be it the NHS

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