Making things happen!

We’ve made great progress since our launch  so in celebration of our 3rd Birthday, I thought a reminder of all that would be good!

We launched in 2013 with Alan Milburn making the key note speech and have recruited 16 Guardians who are working with 33 customers we plan to increase to 150 over the next 3 years

We have created a safe and sustainable model of work with supervision, confidentiality, evaluation and customer feedback as priorities

We have established a network of referral agencies across the country in Leeds, London and Leicester who spot customers for us and refer them to our secure process for allocation

We are working with a large northern hospital to establish a programme for refugee nurses from Africa who are seeking to practice in the UK; a programme we call Hidden Talents

We work with two headhunting organisations who give us pro bono advice and help on placing customers and feed-back on CVs

We have recruited three great Patrons Lord Philip Hunt, Marina Lewycka and Elizabeth Bayliss who speak well on our behalf (Marina a successful author was herself was a refugee, Elizabeth worked all her life in the East End improving lives and Philip has consistently campaigned for better and more caring health services)

We have run a successful Ambitions Auction through ebay last year which raised £2,500 for grant awards and running costs and attracted many generous “lots” from donors

We attracted a donation of £10000 to further our work on learning and networking.

And we are getting great feedback from our exit interviews…

We have not been standing still….!


One Comment on “Making things happen!

  1. Growing Points are doing fantastic work to help people from excluded communities to do great things: to help them reach positions of leadership within their communities and chosen field.

    They have recruited/are recruiting Guardians who will guide people into exciting opportunities!

    They are helping people to help themselves become the people they want to be and achieve their ambitions (rather than just handing out money).
    They work with organisations who share their desire to empower individuals and want to refer people who want to make their leadership ambitions a reality.

    Check out for more information or @growingpointsuk

    Ambition and Action!

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